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InternetNZ welcomes passage of Telecommunications Amendment Bill

13 Dec 2006

InternetNZ today welcomes the 119-2 vote in Parliament today to pass the Telecommunications Amendment Bill, and congratulates all parties who voted for the measure for their support of a better regulatory framework for telecommunications in New Zealand.

InternetNZ supports Digital Copyright Bill

11 Dec 2006

InternetNZ (The Internet Society of New Zealand) welcomes the Copyright (New Technologies and Performers' Rights) Amendment Bill, known informally as the Digital Copyright Bill. The Society has been keen to see legislation in this area since the policy reviews began in 2003, and urges MPs to support the Bill being referred to a Select Committee for consideration.

Telecom letter not the end of the story

01 Dec 2006

InternetNZ responded today to the 14 November 2006 letter Telecom sent to the Finance and Expenditure Committee on the Telecommunications Amendment Bill, as reported in this morning’s Dominion Post.

InternetNZ supports International Day of Disabled Persons

01 Dec 2006

InternetNZ (The Internet Society of New Zealand) expresses its support for the International Day of Disabled Persons, on Sunday 3 December, which this year has the theme of “E-Accessibility”.

InternetNZ welcomes Select Committee’s report, endorses operational separation plan

28 Nov 2006

InternetNZ (The Internet Society of New Zealand) congratulates the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee on its report back today on the Telecommunications Amendment Bill, particularly its recommendation of operational separation of Telecom’s network under an independent oversight group.

InternetNZ supports Government’s wireless broadband decision

23 Nov 2006

InternetNZ (The Internet Society of New Zealand) congratulates the Government on its decision to reallocate spectrum for the purposes of wireless broadband, concurring that the move will provide better, more competitive access to broadband.

InternetNZ commissions New Zealand history of the Internet

10 Nov 2006

InternetNZ (The Internet Society of New Zealand) is pleased to announce the commissioning of a book on the history of the Internet in New Zealand, to be released by September 2007. From a short list of excellent candidates, experienced technology journalist and author Keith Newman has been selected to write the book, which will explore the impact of the Internet on New Zealand economically, politically and socially.

Gattung speech raises serious questions - InternetNZ

01 Nov 2006

“Yesterday’s address by Theresa Gattung to a TUANZ audience in Wellington raises serious questions, and she should not attack those who ask important questions about how Telecom is behaving,” said InternetNZ President Colin Jackson today.

.nz Registrations Hit 250,000 Milestone

12 Oct 2006

InternetNZ through the Office of the Domain Name Commissioner is pleased to announce that the number of registrations of domain names under the .nz top level domain reached 250,000 late yesterday, showing continued strong growth in the internet space in New Zealand.

InternetNZ Rebuts Telecom Comments on Operational Separation

05 Oct 2006

InternetNZ (The Internet Society of New Zealand) executive director Keith Davidson says he is disappointed that Telecom, through its chairman Wayne Boyd, is today continuing to claim that its operational separation proposals are aligned with and are better than the separation model implemented at British Telecom.