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Is the Field of Dreams a Nightmare?

05 Dec 2012

By Reg Hammond

In 2008, John Key announced pre-election that a future National Government would put $1.5 Billion into building a fibre to the home network for 75% of New Zealanders.  Ever since that day the question posed by opposition parties, government officials, telecommunication companies and end users has been - who will find the additional $3.5 Billion that such a fibre network is expected to cost.

Invitation: The untold history of the Internet by Martin Geddes

27 Nov 2012


What if our basic assumptions about networking are wrong? Could we unknowingly be living in a networking 'dark ages'? Are there hidden risks in deploying fibre and more capacity? Industry consultant Martin Geddes tells us the untold history of the Internet, and the unfortunate design errors now baked into every network router.

Future of the GLAM sector

22 Nov 2012

My slides for the Opening Address at the National Digital Forum 2012 are below. I'll put in a link to the video once it is available.

The TED talk on the 3rd slide is at I played about 4 minutes of the video from 11:28 into it.

TV switch puts radio spectrum on the radar

20 Nov 2012

The following contributed article - written by InternetNZ policy staffer Reg Hammond - was published on on Tuesday 20 November 2012.

Radio spectrum is like air - it is largely invisible and we only really pay attention to it when it starts to become scarce.

Transparency reports puts defamatory Google web searches in the spotlight

15 Nov 2012


With the vast global span of Google, government requests to remove material from its web search results, YouTube, and other online services are a great indicator of freedom online. That?s why publication of these requests every six months is a key global tool for keeping tabs on transparency. Google allowing sunlight on government requests continues to set the bar high for other major online service providers.

Stats Check: The continuing evolution of the Internet

19 Oct 2012


Everyone is invited to a free public presentation on a research-based, statistical reflection of the continuing evolution of the Internet by local and international experts.


When: Tuesday, 6th November 2012

Time: 11.45 am tea and coffee for a 12.15 pm start. Finish at 1.15 pm.

Where: Lecture Theatre 2 (ground floor), Rutherford House, Victoria University of Wellington




Reflections from NBN Symposium

10 Oct 2012


I attended a public symposium on Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) organised by the University of Canberra yesterday. It was a typical series of people giving their views and a passive audience- a conference format that NetHui has ruined for me.

On being "smug" about online piracy

06 Oct 2012


Is the notice and consent privacy model dead?

30 Sep 2012

A fundamental approach in the privacy laws of many countries is the notice and consent model. People are told what personal information is required when accessing a particular service and consent or provide that information. Is this notice and consent privacy model dead, or at least inadequate, in an age of big data, cloud computing and always-connected devices?


The Importance of Copyright Exceptions in the TPP

09 Sep 2012


This week, New Zealand, the US and seven other countries are discussing how copyright exceptions fit into the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP). 'Copyright exceptions' are instances where the law does not punish copying.