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2010 Internet: the good and the bad for NZ

21 Dec 2010

As the year wind downs down, here are my top five ups and downs for the Internet in New Zealand. Restricting it to five each is hard as it leaves out many notable areas but does force me to try and distinguish the ones that will have a lasting impact from the merely important.


The good

1. Ultra fast broadband went from talk to laying the first fibre in the ground. There’s still a long way to go but the first step can sometimes be the hardest.

WikiLeaks: infosecurity approach a danger to the Internet

13 Dec 2010

Whether or not you think leaking confidential internal government messages is a good thing or not, there is little doubt that the recent events around the WikiLeaks saga are testing the Internet and governments. There are more fundamental questions, such as threats to an open Internet, mixed amongst the constant daily flow of news about actions and reactions.

Paul Reynolds and degrees of separation

06 Dec 2010

I have some fond memories of the late Paul Séamus Reynolds. These pale in comparison to the number and depth of the memories of so many other Kiwis.

This led me to think about Paul in terms of being a key node in the web of relationships and interconnectedness across the New Zealand digital and creative sectors. That is just one tiny facet of his extraordinary lifetime but one that underlines his giant presence.

Separation from a different point of view

26 Nov 2010

Sometimes going away from a policy debate helps you see it more clearly. With all the debate and constant flow of news, submissions, discussions and so on, putting the Kiwi debate on separation in context has been a nice thing to do this week. 

CPRF explores intersect of media, telco & Internet

18 Nov 2010

Earlier this week a horde of Australian comms professionals (and myself) congregated in Sydney for the 2010 Communications and Policy Research Forum.

The Forum is an annual event organised by the Network Insight Institute and is heavily research oriented, narrowing its gaze on the state of media, telecommunications and the Internet.

UK-based academic Richard Collins gave an absorbing keynote on the health of the public media, stressing the impact the Internet is having on traditional public media.


UFB 10 year regulatory holiday

29 Oct 2010

Opinion piece in Computerworld, published online Why Newton’s law applies to telecommunications


Mix & Mash innovation

20 Oct 2010

"Innovation" doesn't sit easily with "structured management processes".

Years ago I had the privilege of listening to Gary Hamel in Wellington talk very persuasively of how this was in fact the way a modern large organisation should think about innovation.

The devil is in the press release

15 Oct 2010

The devil may not be in the details but a press release. In this case, Minister Simon Power ordering a review of “new media” by the Law Commission, it is even more so given that he used the same words in response to Parliamentary questions.

InternetNZ response to NBR article

23 Sep 2010

This has been posted today to the NBR website in response to the various claims made in the article Tuanz and InternetNZ: a tale of unrequited love ... and hate.

CFH announces shortlist and priority negotiating partners

09 Sep 2010

This morning, Crown Fibre Holdings has announced the fourteen parties it has short-listed for negotiations in rolling out ultra-fast broadband, and three that it has selected for priority negotiations.