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Open Invitation to ICT NGOs

15 May 2012


Dear Colleagues,

We are organising a meeting of ICT NGOs on Wednesday 11th July 2012, 6.30 - 8.30 pm at SkyCity Convention Centre, Auckland. The meeting will provide us with an opportunity to know more about each others' priorities and plans for the year ahead. In turn, this will allow us to get to know each other better and perhaps identify areas of common interest to make the most of our limited resources.

Don’t trade away our digital future

09 May 2012

I read an article in the Herald the other day – High-quality Pacific trade deal vital, says Key – that gave me cause for concern. I read it somewhere en route from Wellington to Dallas for the 12th round of Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) negotiations. The reason why I am here, in Dallas, is to advocate for an open Internet under the TPP.

Collaboration in practice… but what about the tools?

26 Apr 2012

Guest post by Donelle McKinley, Researcher -

How is the Internet and digital technology facilitating collaboration between New Zealand’s cultural heritage institutions, and between institutions and their visitors?

Survey on Internet Filtering

04 Apr 2012

Do you know if your Internet connection is filtered? Filtered for what? By whom?

3 thoughts on the Huawei kerfuffle

01 Apr 2012


Last week there was more heat and noise than facts about Huawei’s participation in NZ’s telco industry. Those who didn’t have the facts wanted them; those who did weren’t talking; and those who don’t particularly care about facts were busy speculating. The one person who had the facts was in South Korea keeping out of it, apparently revelling in the gym and photo-ops.

Step up on Internet policy and architecture

22 Mar 2012


NZ is at an interesting transition phase between the ‘old’ copper network and the ‘new’ fibre one. I call it a phase rather than a point in time as the last of the houses getting fibre are 7 years away.

Have a .com? Know the risks

18 Mar 2012


Impossible. Nuts. Unbelievable. Those are some of the more polite reactions when I tell people that having a .com domain name for their website is sufficient for them to be subject to US jurisdiction. Which allows for nasty stuff like the US Government seizing their website or extradition to USA to stand trial over there. Based on allegations alone.

Reflections from the ADA Forum on Copyright Exceptions

10 Mar 2012

 I spent last Friday at the Australian Digital Alliance (ADA) Copyright Forum 2012, the theme of which was Growing the Digital Economy: Copyright Exceptions for the Digital Age. The forum was timely – scheduled just before the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) kicks off an inquiry into “whether the exceptions in the Copyright Act are adequate and appropriate in the digital environment”. (Terms of reference for the review should issue from the Attorney-General by end of April).

Taking the message to IP negotiators of TPPA

06 Mar 2012


As previously announced, InternetNZ was one of the supporters of NZRise’s lunch event on 2nd March for negotiators at the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement in Melbourne. Four speakers presented their views on the Intellectual Property chapter with a focus on copyright, based on the US position leaked a year back.

Trans-Pacific Partnership Stakeholder Presentation

04 Mar 2012

The Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) is a trade agreement currently being negotiated by nine countries, including New Zealand, the United States and Australia. While negotiations occur behind closed doors and the text remains secret, the host country of the negotiation round typically organises a one-day forum for stakeholders. During this forum, interested parties from civil society, academia, as well as trade representatives, have the opportunity to speak to negotiators on issues that are important to their interests.