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The Importance of Copyright Exceptions in the TPP

09 Sep 2012


This week, New Zealand, the US and seven other countries are discussing how copyright exceptions fit into the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP). 'Copyright exceptions' are instances where the law does not punish copying.

New Zealand proposal helps APNIC past year-long policy roadblock

27 Aug 2012

Guest post by InternetNZ technical contractor Dean Pemberton

For over a year now, members within the APNIC region have been debating policy to deal with how the region's largest networks are allocated next-generation IPv6 addresses.

The problem these large networks in high growth regions such as China and India are trying to address is the requirement to return for new addresses every two years.

Cybersecurity: threat report

23 Aug 2012

IBM organised a security focussed conference in Auckland yesterday, off the back of 3 similar conferences in Australia. Like many, I tend to try and avoid vendor-organised conferences but this was a good opportunity to talk to corporate and enterprise folks about a topic of increasing concern.

My presentation sketched out the NZ perspective on the current cybersecurity threat landscape. The summary was:

Re-inventing the Internet

14 Aug 2012

Coincidentally, just as I considering work being done to re-invent the Internet, an artificial controversy erupted about its invention in the first place. ‘Artificial’ controversy because the facts of the Internet’s invention are well known but seemed to have got caught up in an alternate reality called the US presidential elections.

Government 2.0 Q&A

30 Jul 2012

Recently Darren Greenwood of the National Business Review asked me some questions about Government 2.0 (aka Open Government). Since my answers were part of a print-only article, they are shared in full here.


1- What is Government 2.0? How does it differ from what went on before?

NetHui 2012 attracts over 600 delegates

24 Jul 2012

InternetNZ's recent NetHui 2012 Conference attracted over 600 delegates from across the New Zealand community. Thanks to all for participating and contributing. The energy, ideas and korero were hugely powerful!

Held over three days from 11-13 July at the SkyCity Convention Centre, NetHui focused on the impact of the Internet and how it is influencing and shaping our economy and our society.

Feedback from attendees has been extremely positive, with people commenting especially on the inclusive, wide-ranging and relevant nature of the Conference discussions.

The Internet- half open or half closed?

09 Jun 2012

This is the Chief Executive's report in InternetNZ's forthcoming 2011/12 Annual Report.


Remarks from the 12th round of the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement negotiations

28 May 2012

Public Knowledge is a US NGO that "preserves the openness of the Internet and the public's access to knowledge, promotes creativity through balanced copyright, and upholds and protects the rights of consumers to use innovative technology lawfully." Rashmi Rangnath, PK's Global Knowledge Initiative Director and Staff Attorney, invited me to speak on a Copyright Enforcement panel for IP negotiators at the latest round of Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations in Dallas. Below are my remarks.


Expertise as a Service (EaaS) or Cloud Computing 2.0

27 May 2012


Prediction: in five years time some organisations will be making more money selling their core expertise as a cloud service rather than using that same expertise themselves. For New Zealand, geographically remote from the rest of the world, that’s a huge opportunity.

Making Jimmy Wales right

19 May 2012


About a month ago I was at the Global INET conference in Geneva. One of the keynote speakers was Jimmy Wales, best known for building Wikipedia. The bit from his keynote that got the most Twitter and mainstream media coverage was towards the end- the prediction that “Hollywood will be mostly dead and no one will care.”