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Prepared Statement of InternetNZ before the Intelligence & Security Committee on the GCSB Bill

04 Jul 2013

Introduction (Jordan Carter, Chief Executive)

Internet New Zealand’s dual mission is to administer the .nz Domain Name System, a critical component of the Internet infrastructure in New Zealand, and to protect and promote the open Internet for New Zealanders.

Metadata is no joke, and neither are these Bills.

02 Jul 2013

Two very important Bills are on the table: the Government Communications Security Bureau and Related Legislation Amendment Bill (the GCSB Bill) and the Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Surveillance) Bill (the TICS Bill). Together, these Bills would permit a handful of people, without independent oversight, to further empower GCSB to invade your privacy, online (and off, for that matter) in order to protect New Zealand’s national security, international relations, general well-being and economic well-being.

Pretty broad.

A Tale of Two Airports: Part Two

21 Jun 2013

By Reg Hammond – InternetNZ Policy Contractor.

Earlier this week in part one I conjectured that Amy Adams’ analogy of the UFB being an airport terminal was either a poor analogy or signalled a significant change of policy direction.

The hope is that it’s just a poor analogy but here I expand on the thought that if it is a significant change of policy then the implications are massive.

First – what is the policy change that might or might not be taking place?

A Tale of Two Airports – Part One

18 Jun 2013

By Reg Hammond – InternetNZ Policy Contractor.

Amy Adams’ analogy of comparing competition in the telecommunications sector and the UFB build with airport competition and a new terminal build is almost correct - but the difference is important, and the analogy masks a fundamental change in policy.

When Will They Ever Learn

06 Jun 2013

By Reg Hammond - InternetNZ Policy Contractor

Those who fail to learn the lesson of history are doomed to repeat it - or so the saying goes.  The lesson of history for John Key and Amy Adams is relatively recent – it is from a mere 20 years or so.

Telco policy developments

03 Apr 2013

There was a very interesting article on the Stuff website yesterday from respected telco journalist Tom Pullar-Strecker. Under the title "Changing the rules mid-investigation," he writes:

If UFB problem is funding gap, then show us the numbers!

08 Mar 2013

By Reg Hammond - InternetNZ Policy Contractor

Bronwyn Howell, General Manager of the Institute for the Study of Competition and Regulation (ISCR), this week gave a very timely presentation on the broadband regulatory environment. In truth, it was a presentation on the lack of a broadband policy environment.

The presentation was timely because, in the past week or so, 

New Zealand at the APRICOT2013 conference

25 Feb 2013

Dean Pemberton is a technical policy advisor for InternetNZ, part of a diverse group bringing the voice of the New Zealand Internet technical community to the APRICOT conference in Singapore.

Multistakeholder review of WSIS starts today - InternetNZ to participate and you can too.

25 Feb 2013

Today marks the start of an important meeting in the 10-year review process of the World Summit on the information Society (WSIS). Hosted by UNESCO at its headquarters in Paris, the meeting, titled "Towards Knowledge Societies for Peace and Sustainable Development", will bring together civil society, academia, the private sector and governments to discuss a multitude of Internet-related issues.

Early Lessons from the Copyright Tribunal

19 Feb 2013

The local copyright enforcement arm for the “Big Three” record labels (Sony, Universal and Warner*) has won two cases at the Copyright Tribunal. One account holder was a Telecom customer, the other with TelstraClear, and now they owe the Big Three $616.57 and $557.17, respectively.