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Internet Governance @ the 8th IGF: a critical debate has begun

23 Oct 2013

Something very interesting is happening in Internet Governance circles. I write this from Day 2 of the 2013 Internet Governance Forum, a UN-convened multi-stakeholder dialogue that brings together people from all over the world to discuss Internet policy issues.

The #CopperTax conundrum – Part 3

18 Oct 2013

InternetNZ CEO Jordan Carter has been unpicking the #CopperTax debate. The first post dealt with the background to the debate and the Government’s drivers. The second post rebutted the view that fibre and copper prices should be the same, and considered why the policy debate has been so tense so far.

What’s the solution?

The #coppertax conundrum - Part 2

16 Oct 2013

Part 2

This post is the second in a three-part post by InternetNZ CEO Jordan Carter untangling the copper tax dilemma. The previous post set out the background to the arrival of the CopperTax campaign, and set out three possible drivers for the Government's intervention. 

The #coppertax conundrum - Part 1

14 Oct 2013

A blog post in three parts, from InternetNZ CEO Jordan Carter, talking about the #coppertax conundrum...


Part One

Last week marked two months since Communications Minister Amy Adams launched the review of the Telecommunications Act. An early-morning breakfast launch at the Beehive marked the beginning of a sense of confusion and paralysis across the telecoms and Internet sector, and has seen an ill-tempered and difficult policy debate under way ever since.

Coalition for fair internet pricing opening remarks by Sue Chetwin

12 Sep 2013

Good afternoon.

My name is Sue Chetwin.

I am the Chief Executive of Consumer NZ, and the Coalition for Fair Internet Pricing has asked me to be the lead spokesperson at today’s press conference.

This opening statement has been agreed by all members of our Coalition.

Let me first introduce the coalition.

To my left is Paul Brislen, the Chief Executive of the Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand (TUANZ).

To my right is Jordan Carter, the Chief Executive of InternetNZ.

Lost opportunity to make the GCSB Bill better for Internet users

15 Aug 2013


The Government had the opportunity to improve the privacy pitfalls of the GCSB Bill in Parliament last week, but it elected not to.

Prepared Statement of InternetNZ before the Law & Order Committee on the TICS Bill

31 Jul 2013


Verbal remarks as prepared – note delivery will differ

31 July 2013

Introduction (Jordan Carter, Chief Executive)

GCSB Bill reported back to the House

25 Jul 2013

So today the results of the Intelligence and Security Committee's deliberations on the GCSB Bill were released. The sixty-two page report, which incorporates an explanation of changes agreed by the Committee, minority reports and the amended Bill text itself, is available in PDF form on Parliament's website at this link:

Ten things we learned from NetHui 2013

19 Jul 2013

Three busy days, a total of 65 sessions and hundreds of conversations meant NetHui gave everyone who took part plenty to think about. It’s an open conference, organisers encourage delegates to participate. That makes it New Zealand’s biggest technology learning experience.

Scene setting comments at NetHui 2013

09 Jul 2013

Below are the comments I prepared to give at NetHui this morning, as the scene setter - outlining the theme and explaining the event. Any feedback very welcome!



Good morning all, and welcome to NetHui 2013.

Welcome to the first NetHui in Wellington!

My name is Jordan Carter, the chief Executive of InternetNZ. 

I would like to thank you on behalf of all of us at InternetNZ for choosing to take part in shaping the future of the Internet for New Zealand.