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Prepared Statement of InternetNZ before the Justice and Electoral Select Committee on the Harmful Digital Communications Bill

26 Mar 2014

Verbal remarks as prepared – note delivery will differ

26 March, 2014

Susan Chalmers

Good afternoon. My name is Susan Chalmers. I am an Internet policy consultant and I am appearing today on behalf of Internet New Zealand, an organization that strives to promote the Internet’s benefits and uses and to protect its potential. I am joined by David Cormack, Communications Lead for InternetNZ. We thank you for the opportunity to present further evidence on the Harmful Digital Communications Bill.

Being clear what we’re doing – and why

21 Mar 2014

As a membership-driven organisation, InternetNZ puts as much importance in listening to our members as we do in engaging in other forums. 

It’s important that members know that, not only are they listened to, but also that InternetNZ provides demonstrable value in all the work that it undertakes. The rights of our members to give open and frank feedback is critical to making sure we are doing the right things in the right way – and in knowing when we need to adjust our course.

The best way to influence the actions of others is through leading by example.

Andrew Cushen: new Work Programme Director

18 Mar 2014

I am delighted to announce the appointment of Andrew Cushen as Work Programme Director here at InternetNZ.

Andrew, in his role as Work Programme Director, will be leading our work on Internet policy issues, divided into five areas: Internet connectivity, Internet use, Internet technology, Internet rights and law, and Internet governance.

Innovation and copyright at #ada14

14 Feb 2014

I'm in Canberra today at the Australian Digital Alliance's 2014 Copyright Forum, adding a Kiwi perspective and trying to be a bit provocative. The theme is "Fair Use for the Future" and the event coincided with the release yesterday by the Australian Law Reform Commission of their recommended approach to copyright law reform in Australia.

Copper Tax: Where To From Here

11 Feb 2014

It’s 2014. A new year. A chance to get on with building New Zealand’s world-class UFB network and getting better broadband in use by as many people as possible. In this piece we take a quick look at the problems Chorus faces, the opportunities there are for solutions, and a plea to everyone involved in the industry to make 2014 a better year than 2013 was.


Problems, Problems, Problems

A better world through a better Internet

24 Jan 2014

Internet issues are a big deal. The Internet is everywhere these days. Twenty odd years ago, it was the domain of the pony-tailed guy who spent a lot of time on Usenet and spoke a language most didn’t understand. Now everybody is online, from children playing on their parents’ iPads through to grandparents keeping in touch with their families via Skype.

Susan Chalmers

15 Nov 2013

Susan Chalmers has decided to leave her role as Policy Lead at InternetNZ to return home to United States. Her last day will be Friday 13 December.

Susan has been working at InternetNZ for the past two years, having filled the Policy Lead role since its establishment in mid-2011. She will be returning home to Michigan to spend time with family and friends, and pursue other projects.

Decision will give more choice to .nz

07 Nov 2013

On October 11, following a recommendation from the Domain Name Commission Limited (DNCL), the InternetNZ Council approved the policy decision to allow domain names to be registered at the second level in the .nz domain name space.

This means that in the future, as well as being able to register, say,, it will also be possible to register 

Jamie Baddeley: Thoughts on the IGF

04 Nov 2013

Vice-President of InternetNZ Jamie Baddeley wanted to share his take on the recent IGF in Bali and proposes a solution to some problems he sees with its current structure:

New "Friends of the IGF" website a living project

24 Oct 2013

For a few months now I have been working with a group of volunteers from all over the globe to put together a website that is a repository for discussions held at the Internet Governance Forum. Our goal was to have something live in time for the IGF, which is taking place as I type.