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CommsDay Summit in Sydney

20 Apr 2010

I'm in Sydney for the CommsDay summit, a telecommunications conference that crosses the usual industry areas of telco and broadcasting regulation as well as news from vendors about what comes next.

Peering through the haze

19 Apr 2010

It is good to see activity on Internet peering in New Zealand with FX Networks reaching an agreement to peer with Telecom Wholesale at 19 points of presence.

Time for the DITL Collection

14 Apr 2010

The DITL (Day in the Life of the Internet) Project is a large-scale simultaneous collection of Internet traffic run to provide strategic datasets for research purposes.

This collection has been conducted yearly since 2006, and 2010 is no exception. Starting on April 13 until the 15th, traffic from the DNS root servers, Regional Internet Registries like APNIC, TLD operators and other key actors will be captured. New Zealand Registry Services will participate for the first time, collecting DNS queries in the nameservers serving .nz.

Sign the Wellington Declaration

12 Apr 2010

We held PublicACTA in Wellington over the weekend. 100+ people spent a sunny Saturday in a room in the Wellington Town Hall, discussing ACTA, thinking about it, and deciding what a citizen-centred perspective should be. We live-edited a text and released it Sunday lunchtime, and called it the Wellington Declaration.


ACTA - why are we concerned?

07 Apr 2010

This weekend, InternetNZ is hosting PublicACTA, an event that will allow public scrutiny and critical analysis of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement currently under negotiation (the next round is being held in Wellington next week).

Why are we hosting the event, and why does it matter to you?

ACTA has morphed from a treaty about counterfeiting (a legitimate concern of governments, given the consumer safety issues and real economic costs it causes) to a treaty about how to bring about the tougher enforcement of copyright and trademark laws online.

You may shrug: "Enforcement? That's fine - the rights in the law won't change, will they?" - that is what the government officials close to the negotiations are saying.  

Problem is, it is wrong. (continues over the break)

Welcome to our new website

06 Apr 2010

Welcome to our new website.

It's an early "beta" release so that we can get your comments on things to improve. Leave a comment below or, if you prefer, send me an email directly at


Website in beta