Hills, Holes and Poles

25 Nov 2014

This is the first blog for Hills, Holes and Poles, an InternetNZ supported project to look at  innovative rural broadband projects solutions and template them for other communities. This sees the pair of us - Chris O'Connell and Brendon Burns - travelling initially to see South Island innovators.

Our first port of call was Dale Roberts of GoWireless, who is the major importer/supplier of wireless equipment.

Dale is an ex-Telecom tech who got tired of crawling under buildings and started looking upwards; to wireless connectivity. In little more than ten years the capacity has gone similarly skywards. Dale showed us just-arrived Ubiquity Air Fibre gear which delivers a gigabit of connectivity!

Dale is not only a pioneer but a key player in the establishment of the newly-formed association for wireless ISPs - NZWIP.

He supplies players from community wireless schemes with a handful of households to the major WISPs.

A key piece of advice from him to smaller community schemes was to avoid the trap of tying the shoestring too tight; there needs to be a bit of money in the kitty for upgrades and for the time when the techno-volunteers started to age or get tired of assisting.